Friday, June 29, 2012

My Singing Childhood

In 1952, I used to sing at the top of my voice and to dance too.  I had soaked up a lot of songs and dance ideas watching Mexican movies.  I even had my own little costume for my performances.  I had a beautiful orange skirt with a an old gold yellow blouse with elastic at the elbow and large sleeves.  I collected bottle caps outside the corner store, took out the cork inside, put them on the bottom of my skirt and then replaced the corkback in holding the cloth of the skirt between . They made a sound when I danced and I loved it.At that age it was my dream to be a singer and dancer when I grew up, but my mother soon erased that dream from my mind. She said only bad women, or sluts, sang and danced so I stopped dancing and singing  In fact when I went to school and we sang, I found out I couldn't even carry a tune at all.
Later in my life, when I was about 47, I discovered that although I could not sing at all any songs, when I went back and tried to sing the old songs I used to sing as a child, I could still sing those but not new ones. My favorite singer in my childhood was Luis Perez mesa and I think sing his songs or similar ones but not new ones!

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