Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rick's Wedding-July 17, 2010

In July, my youngest son, his girlfriend and her little three year old son, traveled by car with me to my second son's wedding in Corpus Christ, Texas. My second son, Miguel Ricardo, or Miguel Rick, had been living in Louisiana with his girlfriend Sierra and their two children, Alissa Riley(4) and Dylan Michael(1), and they got married on July 17, at Corpus Christi, Texas, in one of the gazebos near the beach. They came accompanied by Sierra's father and step-mother, her grandmother, and her young cousin and it was a small family wedding but very beautiful and romantic. They both seem very much in love and it seemed so perfect in every regard. I had a wonderful time meeting my grandson Dylan for the first time and enjoyed being with both my grandkids, besides being with my son and his beautiful bride and her immediate family. In spite of bad health I truly enjoyed the weekend--it was simply marvelous!
The beach was really awesome with all the boats and scenery. We had a wonderful dinner at Chili's after the wedding, but we were having such a great time we forgot the wedding cake. We did take many, many pictures and they all came out wonderful. We all forgot the bride's bouquet, but the bride's wedding gown was stunning...the bride was stunning too!