Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vacation Trip

I had a wonderful vacation with my youngest son, his wife, and my grandson, who was celebrating his sixth birthday.  We went to Brownsville and stayed a whole week filled with great fun, in spite of some of the knee problems that flared badly for me.  We went to the Gladys Porter Zoo, which I hadn't visited since 1979, when I took my four children who were then 3 top 8 years old then. the zoo is really a magnificent place and Jacob, my grandson really loved it all. I got my arms painfully sunburned, but it was a wonderful experience. 
We went to Roma, Texas where we visited with my cousins, Nazario Junior, Rosalinda Garcia, her husband and son, and Eva Hinojosa.  We had a wonderful visit with my mother's two sisters, Elvira(89) and Isidra(97).  It was incredible to be able to see my aunts after many years.
In Brownsville we went out in a boat to the Gulf to follow the dolphins.  They were simply amazing!  We even got to see what could be hauled in with a net.  We saw a small crab and a butterfly ray, which we got to hold in our hands.
We even got to use the pool. in front of our condo.  I got in once and did my exercises in the water and even got to jump.  the rest of the family used the pool several times. It really was great!