Saturday, March 24, 2012


More than a year has passed since I have posted here because the pain of losing my cousin Tina was still too vivid in my mind.  I still miss not being able to call her to discuss something with her.  Every time I told her I had lost a few pounds, she would say"but it doesn't show.  You're still the same size."  
It is indeed very ironic that I actually lost 40 pounds in the first months after she died and now the difference can be seen so plainly.  I have finally hit the way to keep those pounds I lost from coming back  Every day that I put on a new dress to fit my new size, I think of Tina and I wish she could see me now--I was able to lose and keep it off.  Besides continuing my usual exercise routine, I had many months of physical therapy and laser treatments on my ailing knees and my back which had started giving me lots of pain.  Even after the physical therapy had ended, I have not gained any pounds back.  I have now started going to the 24hour Fitness gym to exercise on the stationary bike like I used to do in the physical therapy. I was able to use my Silver Sneakers card from medicare and medicaid for my gym membership.  I have been doing so well that I have lost 12 more pounds this year in the months we have had and it has made me very happy.  but of course I've had to adjust my clothes again. I have had some setbacks but have not gained any pounds back, at least not permanently.  For instance of I gained two pounds, I lose them very soon again.  I have kept the joy of being able to wear my new clothes
One of the biggest setbacks was a strong and painful bout with gout on my left foot. I had thought I had a broken big toe on my left toe, but a blood test proved I had gout and now I am taking medication for gout. But one of the good results of my new way of eating has been that I am now taking only two pills for the high blood pressure instead of three as I did last year.  I hope with good eating and good exercise, I may be able to drop another pill and maybe both.  It would be wonderful if I could stop taking all medication eventually.
oh, yes and one thing i have been doing that has helped me to keep weight has been to eat an orange with each meal I eat.  There is supposed to be something in the orange which helps me digest the food instead of keeping it as fat!!