Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grandfather Miguel Lopez and His Children

On the back of my grandfather's wedding license, someone with a beautiful handwriting wrote the names and some information of their children.
Miguel Lopez and Josefa Fuentes got married on August 25, 1884
So according to the information on the wedding license, these are the names of their children:

!.  Maria Lopez, born November7, 1885
Padrinos-Agustin Escobar y su esposa que va a ser, Casiana Escobar(bautisada 12 dias despues de nacida)

2.  Victor Lopez, born October , 1887
Padrinos-Juan Saenz y esposa Victoria Garza

3.  Donato Lopez, born August 7, 1890
Padrinos-Sebero Martinez y Filomena Martinez (22 days after birth)

4.  Fortunato Lopez, born October 14, 1892
Padrinos-Eduardo Martinez y Tomasa Moreno (22 days after birth)

5.  Antonio Lopez, born January 14, 1894
Padrinos-Juan y Apolonia Lopez (22 days after birth)

6.  Santos Lopez, born November 1, 1897
Padrinos-Uvaldo Ybanez y Juana Lopez (2 months after birth)

7.  Esbarda Lopez, born October 13, 1900
Padrinos-Leandro Martinez y Placida Saenz

8.  Maximo Lopez, born November 6, 1901
Padrinos-Severo Martinez y Cipriana Flores (3 months after birth)

9.  Jose Lopez, born January 17, 1904
Padrinos-Jose Salinas y Isidora Barrera

10.  Petra Lopez, born January 31, 1906
Padrinos-Salome vasquez y Eulogia Lopez

11.  Josefa Lopez, born Julu 17, 1908
Padrinos-Inez naranjo y Petra Rosalez

12. Miguel Lopez-this date was not posted-both mother and child died in chikldbirth

It had been said by my mother and her sister that there was another son born who died at childbirth. he was about the second or third child, named Maximo too, but since he died at birth, they used the name again later, as seen in the list on the back of the certificate. Josefa Fuentes had been 13 when she married Miguel, who was 19, and they had 13 children in all.

Miguel then married Reyes Mena (21) and had 6 more children:

1.  Nazario Lopez

2.  Fabian Lopez

3.  Isidra Lopez

4.  Isabel Lopez

5. Elvira Lopez

6.  Virginia Lopez-born August 27, 1927

One of the middle girls was a twin and her sister had been given to the oldest girl of the first family, Maria, but for some reason they took her back but she died as a small baby. need more information on this.

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